Teenagers could kill…………………………….but how much do we love them?

Teenagers…………..well what more shall I say about them?

When people think of fairy tales, they think, “children.” But pay close attention to the stories and a bigger picture emerges.

When looking back at the fairytales of my childhood and comparing them to my adulthood especially now that I have an impossibly misbehaved teenage daughter, I am beginning to see the logic behind the reason for locking Repunzel in a tower, sending Snow White to a ghastly death, putting a rather “awkward” spell on Princess Fiona ensuring she remains an ugly green creature until she meets true love (which ofcourse in real life would never happen), sending Cinderella into slavery, and then there is Sleeping Beauty – lets put her to sleep for one hundred years.  She will never get up to mischief – never do drugs – never complain or be “cheeky” to her parents and never have a chance to be addicted to any kind of social media that will ruin her life.

Adolescence has always been troubled, but for reasons that are somewhat mysterious. I now understand completely why these measures were taken (never mind the true reasons behind them).  The fact remains, these fairy tale princesses were teenagers.

I am by no means a square mother, I am open minded and love my child with all my being, but I sometimes DO feel like locking her away in the highest room of the tallest tower.


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