News Script: Can Biochar change the world

“Can Biochar be the ultimate solution to saving our planet”?

Tons of research is still needed to answer this lagging question.

Biochar has numerous benefits in the Murrumbidgee area as it can improve the area’s soils, reduce greenhouse gasses.  The local government and communities around the area support the production of Biochar.

Biochar, according to scientists is a highly absorbent charcoal derived from organic waste.  Its’ raw material can be any forest, agricultural or animal waste.  Some examples are woodchips, corn husks, peanut shells and chicken manure.

So, how is it produced?  The waste called “biomass” is fed into an metal barrel where it is cooked under extreme temperatures.  The organic matter is cooked through a thermochemical process called “pyrolysis”.

Within hours, the waste is transformed into charcoal-like pellets.  Farms can then turn these pallets into fertilizer for their land.  One huge benefit is that the gasses during the production can be attached to fuel vehicles of power electric generators.

Biochar is considered by many scientists to be the “black gold” for agriculture.

Biochar helps clean the air by preventing rotting biomass from releasing harmful CO2 into the environment, and encourages plants to securely store CO2 they pull out of the air during photosynthesis.

If the world had to use biochar, we could cut CO2 levels by 8 parts per million within 50 years, according to NASA scientist James Hansen.

The process of making biochar can also lead to other valuable products.



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