Features of a gentre: The Ellen Degeneres Show


“You posted that on Facebook”

This video is a classical example of wit and humour and also involving the audience with a BIG personal touch.

In the episode, “You posted that on Facebook”, show host Ellen Degeneres televises transgression as she shows the world embarrassing photographs that her audience members posted on Facebook.  Although she uses transgression, she also conducts this show in a humorous and witty manner.  The results:  the audience adore her want more.

The Ellen Degeneres show, shortened to Ellen is on American Television.  It is a talk show hosted by comedian and actress Ellen Degeneres.  The show has won 32 daytime Emmy Awards as of 2011 (The Ellen Degeneres Show 2011).

The show combines comedy, celebrities, musical guests and human interest stories.  It is not a scandalous talk show and does not interview experts giving advice in regard to personal relationships.

The program often features audience input and games where prizes are awarded.  Audiences received approximately $1000 of prizes on each of the twelve episodes.

Ellen Degeneres, a passionate interactive host, scars people by playing pranks on them, participating in faux breaking news segments and involves crew members.

The show has been successful and has been televised in programs such as Joey, Six Feet Under and The Bernie Mac Show.

Ellen Degeneres encourages a negative free zone and tries to make everyone feel as if they are part of the studio.  She engages her audience as she is funny, uplifting and entertaining to watch.




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