In Defence of Rhetoric: No Longer Just for Liars

In the web link, the key discussion about Rhetoric are:

  • Dispel
  • Defend
  • Answer

Most people do not understand Rhetoric and that is why it is extremely controversial.  When communicating, the components of an argument should be broken down.  When persuading people, the orator is more self-conscious about practices – they should clear what they are trying to say and tailor to individual situations.

People do not realise, that in today’s modern society, there is Rhetoric every where.  Everybody has to talk at some point and they must have the ability to speak, whether it is for a job interview, going shopping, drawing a picture, communicating with a cab driver or even searching on Google (a person is making a decision as to their career opportunities).

The rhetorical triangle consists of:

  • What messages do we want to create or communicate?
  • Who are the audiences and what are their expectations or needs?
  • Communictor – how to address them.

Choose what to say and how to say it, then the audience can understand, believe and agree with the orator.

Another point the video makes is that Rhetoric is the science which refreshes the hungry, renders the mute, articulates, makes the blind see and teaches one to avoid every lingual ineptitude.  It is not just a language, but also a culture.

Rhetoric is a discipline.  All fields of study are determined by discipline.  Rhetoric is epistemic which is used by everything from mundane to the bible.  Finally, Rhetoric is about making one’s own decision, not somebody else’s.  Gather the facts and start talking….


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