The emphasis on news reading

As Skinner & Von Essen (1999, p. 213)  states, even after practising pitching their voices until they are word perfect and can hold audiences spellbound, many speakers still fail to communicate properly.  This is because they have forgotten one very important point:  to communicate they must be understood.

Kate Stowell talks slowely (not too slowely that you fall asleep).  She enunciates her words clearly, and speaks at normal speed, her points do sink in.  She is explicit and her sentences contain one idea – with no “waffle” expressed in the most succinct way (Skinner & Von Essen 1999).

Kate Stowell obviously rehearses her readings prior to presentation – the outcome – perfect.  Although I rehearsed the script a few times and recorded myself with these rehearsals, I did not come close to sounding as confident and succint as she did.  She had no hesitation in pronouncing her words and emphasised at least one word in a sentence.

A good point Skinner and Von Essen make is to rehearse in front of a friend or colleague, in a large hall.  The friend or colleague should sit at the back of the hall and comment on the performance.

Kate Stowell did not drop her voice at the end of words and sentences, she is consistent with no slur.  She varies her pitch.  A monotous voice, (which my voice was when I read the news), is uninteresting and difficult to listen.  Kate’s voice is loud enough to be heard with ease, whereas mine is soft (due to my accent).

With some practise in changing the volume and tone of my voice and perhaps grabbing a friend to the nearest hall, I could master reading news.


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