Great speeches

Nick Vujicic puts his point across very well. Although I wouldn’t call it a speech, he is a very good speaker.  His message “Never give up” was enteraining and dynamic but without pity.  You can’t help but feel inspired when he talks.  The audience, kids, he managed to keep their attention throughout the session.  Kids can be cruel in their judgement and get bored quickly and I found these kids were well entertained.  He spoke clearly and demonstrated his intended message with so much conviction and confidence.

Abraham Lincoln’s famous speech.  He understood the human factor and worked on the public’s emotions.   The speech was short, inspiring.straight to the point and powerful.  As Dr. Fears said, his speech transformed the entire meaning of civil war.

Socrattes “Apology” speech I found difficult to understand and follow, and at times, plain boring.  George Washington’s speech is a little dramatic, engaging, diplomatic and he uses big words.  Ghandi and Churchill’s speeches were excellent in that they created hope by using real words of something that matters.  They had strong beliefs and they knew exactly how to relay those messages to the public.

There has been numerous, not so good, speeches within the last four decades.  Politicians have made empty promises and most of their speeches are not even their own (  Audiences quickly spot and distrust any gap between speaker and their script, from orator to orator.  Good speeches pronounce good issues and debates.

Common elements between the speeches were that these men had great passion.  The effect their speeches had on their audiences were enormous.  Throughout history and into the future they will always be remembered not only by their people but by their enemies as well.


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