So what is a professional voice?

A professional voice is confident, courageous, and can talk in front of an audience with great determination.  Professional communicators use active and descriptive words, as this adds more power to the speech. Audiences are engaged, refreshed and excited by the speech.  A professional voice speaks clearly, breaths regularly, portrays a dynamic and passionionate tone.  These speakers know they have a voice.

Professional speeches are rehearsed and do not always need to be formal, although most speeches are formal.  It is an intended speech, delivered for a purpose to relay information or a message to a group that will benefit from what is being said.  People will remember the speech.

Speaking is a natural and integral part of daily life, fear of speaking is an unnatural behaviour. Speaking whether one on one or to thousands, needs the same basic communication skills.  We can actually incorporate these qualities of effective interpersonal communication into our public speaking.

There are various techniques to use when delivering a speech, such as:  reading out loud and listening to your tone, speaking honestly, practising posture and standing tall, facial expression, our personality, the “this is me” tone, eye contact with others, the hand and facial gestures to be used, general appearance, quality of voice and the degree to which we participate and involve ourselves in public speaking.

Pains must be taken to ensure that there are no conflicts between the speaker’s personality and the audience.  The speaker has the potential to evoke certain beliefs and attitudes from the audience and in a sense become “larger than life”.  To ensure the speech is successful, the speaker must always be conscious of the reaction or response of the audience and adjust the level, pace and if need be, the form of the message to suit the audience.  The substance of the message must stay inviolate if the speaker is to preserve his or her integrity.


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