First post


I am Candice Gouck and I am studying for a Bachelor of Professional Communications degree.  Hopefully one day I will finish it (when I’m 80, ha ha).  I’m almost half way through my degree, but doing it part time takes a long time.

I am thirty something and into my third year at uni.  I am from Johannesburg, South Africa and have been in Australia for 7 years.  Ever since I left school I have wanted to do Public Relations but never got the opportunity.  I was too busy with life.

I left a life I knew behind in South Africa, of family and very close friends to have to start over again.  There has been many challenges and a lot of tears but eventually we settled in Australia.  First of all, my greatest aim for this course is to finish it and finish it well……and finally do some PR work.


2 thoughts on “First post

  1. Hi Candice
    Part-time uni does take a long time! I’m at the tail end of my degree now, having done it for almost 5 years now, in between a marriage and two children!
    Keep doing the awesome work you are doing, you will have that degree in the end. Look forward to studying with you this semester.

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